aeronwen (aeronwen) wrote in jesterpunchrock,

Loveshark free to download! (xposted)

Hey Guys,

Loveshark is a featured band on, as well as having 'MilkBar' free for download on

so we're all pretty excited about it!

We'll also be posting as yet unreleased tracks etc for purchase, so keep an eye out!

Fat Pizza will be including the EP in their new series, so we'll give you a heads up as to when that starts!!

A new reminder text service will also be starting in a few weeks so if you want to be included (its not spam, just one text a week or so before a gig) then you can email the band on or text 0416979980 in a fit of depseration. It's a free service so ther won't be any horrific bills coming your way.


Loveshark Team
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